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Why is it worth investing in social media through an advertising agency?

Social media service should be perceived as investment because long-term relations with people surrounding us leads to increased sale and recognisability of the company. Running social profiles is one of the most effective forms of advertising in which almost every enterprise is currently investing.

Why is it worth investing in the social media service - Research:

  • 😮 Did you know that a Brand ABSENT in social media is AT THIS MOMENT ALREADY regarded as LOST - retain as many as 24% of Internet users.
  • As research shows social media service can generate sales and profit - "38% of social media users declare they have already used the "buy" button, and according to 61% it's a useful or very useful functionality."
  • 61% of users share opinions and information about their shopping in social media and 53 % admit they notice that their friends share them too.
  • Thanks to social media, consumers get to know new brands. 46% of social media users admit it. 44% of users bought a product whose purchase they had not considered before, thanks to information in social media.
*On the basis of research by mobile Institute for the chamber of electronic economy
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A comprehensive support of the company Facebook

The service of Facebook by a professional company is a more and more frequent practice - not only amongst big but also small companies. The presence in social media has become a necessity in the latest years. Despite this the service of social media is still a considerable problem for most businessmen. Understanding all aspects of social websites is not a piece of cake, for this reason we invite you to use our services.

Companies use the potential of social media

Companies using Facebook thrive in a spectacular way and develop much faster. A company Facebook account broadens considerably the activity of an enterprise and it's possibilities. Only in Poland 30,63 million people use the internet. That is as much as 81% of the total population of Poland! According to the newest statistics, the active social media users are 19 million people. It's worth emphasising that's over a half of the entire population of our country!

"Nowadays a profile on Facebook can, without generating any costs, have the same impact upon millions of people as the radio and television channels have, and recordings from mobile phones are able to run round entire continents in just one moment. All of that is a " blessing" for the world." 

Running a profile on Facebook

Thanks to a cooperation with our company you'll be well visible in social media


Social Media what is it?

Social Media service is all about communicating with fans on the Internet. Advertising in social media is an integral part of a business strategy. Our company is able to help you handle social media. E-prom Nowy Sącz is a social media agency that specializes in servicing all social media platforms. Find out briefly about some of the most important social media platforms:

Social media managing

The most important advantage of marketing efforts through social media is that they can be very low cost and have a huge reach! The best example of this is the extraordinary potential of the social networking site Facebook, which can be successfully used to promote a company or brand. A professional fanpage of your business, run dynamically and in an organized manner according to a well-thought-out strategy, enables direct communication with potential customers who are Facebook users.

Social media agency

See how we can help you. We offer a full running of social media and comprehensive advertising in social media. Our company is distinguished by many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.

Running a profile on Facebook

What do you gain thanks to cooperation with us?

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Time saving

The service of a company Facebook by an advertising company allows company owners to save much time.
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Professional posts and graphics

Beautifully prepared graphics for social media help you attract the customers' attention.
Dodatkowi klienci dzięki social media3

More buyers

Publishing your offer in groups as well as making relationships with your fans results in acquiring new clients!
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A dedicated caretaker and technical assistance

You will receive a dedicated caretaker who will take care of developing your company on the Internet.

Find out more

1What does the offer - running social media contain?
By using our offer in the field of Social Media, you will receive professional service of the fan page on Facebook, which in practice means: • creating a new company website (fanpage) and its full configuration • creating original and engaging content for publication • updating the fan page on an ongoing basis • integration of the company website with other Social Media channels • acquiring new, active fans and increasing the reach of posts • developing attractive competitions, promotions and contextual advertising • conducting a lively dialogue with fans and customers • monitoring of messages from users and quick response to reported problems • effective course of paid advertising campaigns conducted via Facebook Ads
2What are social media ?
Social Media, i.e. social media, help in attracting the attention of potential customers and in generating traffic on the website and in the online store. Active presence in social media improves the operation of not only e-commerce businesses, but also companies that use direct sales and offer local services. For promotional activities, such social networks and platforms as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or popular blogs are used. Social media is playing an increasingly important role as an advertising tool because it is available to every Internet user and allows you to reach the right target group.
3 What is running Social Media
Running Social Media are activities undertaken through social media, which are intended to remain remembered in the consumer's memory. Social media activities are distinguished by a very low cost, and at the same time a huge range! The best example of this is the extraordinary potential of the social networking site Facebook, which can be successfully used for the promotion of a company or brand. A professional fanpage of your business run dynamically and in an organized manner according to a well-thought-out strategy, gives the possibility of direct communication with potential customers who are users of Facebook. At present, over 12 million Poles use this social networking site every day! On a global scale, Facebook already has 2.2 billion registered users! What are Social Media
4What is LinkedIn?
The presence on LinkedIn, which is an ideal platform for communication between companies and brands, also brings tangible benefits. This is where you can establish profitable business contacts and reach companies offering services in the B2B model. As part of the Social Media service, we will take care of your professional business image not only in relation to potential clients and contractors, but also employees and specialists in a given industry.
5What is the most important in running profiles
Thanks to the active activity and monitoring of news in Social Media, we are up to date with all fashionable trends and changes that are constantly being introduced on social platforms and websites. That is why we are able to accurately and effectively advise our clients what channels are appropriate for their companies and the industry in which they operate. In Social Media, the most important interaction is with users, which must be quick, appropriate, empathetic and professional. If you lack the time or idea to run company profiles on Social Media, use our services and enjoy the benefits of your company's active presence in social media. Social Media service is our everyday life that has no secrets for us.
6Comprehensive social media service
Social Media enable direct communication with customers in a simple way, so your business should be present and clearly visible on all possible channels, tailored to the industry in which you work. As part of the Social Media service, we offer synchronisation of marketing activities, creation and maintenance of company accounts also on social networking sites and platforms such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo. Social media customer service isn't just an option for big brands! It is a necessity and a daily challenge for even the smallest business! Interesting entries on Twitter or professional Facebook management can bring benefits. High-quality graphics, photos and other visual materials will attract the attention of your customers through social networking sites such as Pinterest or Instagram.
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