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What is SEO audit?

SEO audit is a detailed report of specialists, dealing with the optimisation of internet sites for search engines. SEO (from English: search engine optimisation), is a range of activities aiming at achieving the highest position possible by a given website, in the organic (natural) search results for specific key words and phrases

The main purpose of an SEO audit is to give the client valuable remarks and advice about the proper functioning of his company website. A thorough analysis of an SEO report and following the directions included in it, leads to a greater visibility of the website in the search engines.

Thus, the most important stage of an SEO audit is scrupulous implementation of the SEO specialists' recommendations.

Who needs an SEO audit?

SEO audit is important because websites should be systematically and constantly adjusted with up-to-date trends dominating on the web and with the Google guidelines about friendliness of websites for robots and users.

An SEO audit should always be ordered while creating a new internet site. Starting with the planning stage, through execution, up to the final setting in motion of the website, it is worth ćonsulting an SEO specialist, in order to avoid toilsome corrections, retarding the proper and effective functioning of the company website. You should remember about the SEO audit also during the website functioning because a lack of updates and non-adjustment to the up-to-date trends and Google guidelines, results in a worse visibility in the search results.

An SEO audit will be especially helpful when there is a suspicion that an algorithmic filter has been set up on the website (a filter automatically set up by search engines), which is characterised by a considerable decrease in the ranking of websites. In this case a full and detailed SEO audit will help diagnose the causes and implement actions aiming at the so-called "coming out of the filter".

Who and how carries out an SEO audit?

For an SEO audit it is worth choosing an experienced agency that has a team of SEO specialists. You should beware of free audits which function on the basis of advertising and may contain errors, leading to other paid and, unnecessarily, needed services.

Ordering an SEO audit you must take into account the experience of the marketing agency, their realisations and recommendations from clients so far. The professionalism of the SEO specialists, who are to execute the audit can be assessed already at the stage of plan of the activities which should take into consideration, amongst others, a check-up of the uniqueness of titles on the site and their saturation by keywords

A person executing an SEO audit should also analyse meta descriptions in this regard, optimising their contents and length. An extraordinarily important element of audit activities is checking for which keywords and phrases the website is displayed and making a list of the best words, defining their position and competitiveness.

An SEO specialist will check as well if all URL addresses (sub pages) are friendly for Google robots and users. Their uniqueness is also important just like the original contents on the site, containing specific key words and phrases. An SEO audit regards as well the optimisation of the length of texts on subpag

An SEO audit: advantageous effects

The correctness and value of the SEO audit should be assessed only after introducing necessary changes on the website which SEO specialists recommended. Therefore, it is worth executing them directly after the audit in order to notice the advantageous effects. Sticking to the recommendations defined in the SEO report results, first and foremost, in a better position of the website in the website ranking as well as an increased visibility in the search results for specific keywords and phrases. This in turn, is bound with an increased traffic on the website, acquiring a greater number of customers and an increase in the company's turnover.

A good practice is to systematically carry out an SEO audit in order to keep pace with the competition and modern trends. It is worth preserving loads of patience because the changes introduced on the website are indexed by algorithms unfortunately much more slowly than we expect.

When the SEO audit has already been properly implemented, another step should be to take care of systematic activities related to the Positioning of websites. To approach this topic in a comprehensive way you can additionally use the potential which the Google Ads. campaign gives. It will take care of proper traffic on the site, as far as the positioning activities do not start bringing the first effects.
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SEO audit