What is remarketing

Remarketing is a kind of advertising campaign within the Google AdWords program (Google ads) which allows directing advertisements to people who have already visited a given website before or have used a given mobile application. Remarketing is a way for repeating an advertising message to those internet users who, for example, have visited an online shop but have not bought anything in it. In the present-day situation of an oversaturation of the internet with advertisements of different types, it is remarketing which gives a chance to effectively reach potential clients and make renewed contact with them, by means of fitting adverts displayed on different devices which they use.

Remarketing operation is based on the so-called cookies which Google places on the search engine so that the user's visit on a given website is recorded. When the internet user leaves a specific website, the information about his search preferences and activeness is used again while surfing websites being in the Google advertising network (AdSense). It is cookies files which answer for implementing advertisements in an advertising network, thanks to which the user can come back to a given website and make a purchase.

Types and mechanisms of the operation of remarketing

Remarketing can be static, based upon one advertising message which will be displayed to the user independently of what contents he explored on a given website. The other kind of remarketing is called dynamic because it consists in displaying the advertisement of a specific product, watched before by the internet user on a specific website. In this version the user has a possibility to directly return to the website and make a purchase which interests him. This solution functions best in the case of online shops bothered by the problem of the so-called "abandoned baskets", that is customers' withdrawal from shopping just before finalising it.

An advantage of remarketing is a relatively simple operation mechanism. As a group of recipients of advertisements in remarketing arises thanks to the installation of a simple code on the website, responsible for recording cookies in the internet users' search engines. Thanks to that the website owner creates the so-called remarketing list, to which every user visiting his website is ascribed. The remarketing list serves for defining a group of potential customers amongst internet users, for whom advertisements will be displayed in the websites being components of the Go

Advantages and ways of using remarketing

An essential merit of remarketing is the possibility of precise defining and controlling of the number of advertisement displays for each person that appeared on the remarketing list. It means that the advertiser can "dose" the number and frequency of showing advertisements, in order to avoid a negative situation when the advertisement becomes irritating due to its ubiquity.

An important asset of remarketing is also the possibility of storing data about users ("cookies") on the remarketing lists for a long time, up to 540 days. A proper setting of the value of remarketing lists depends on the website owner who should adjust them to the adopted strategy of the advertising campaign. The purposes of creating marketing lists and starting a campaign can be different, depending on whether we want to promote and advertise a brand, new collection or seasonal sale. Remarketing has the asset of allowing to create lists of potential customers of specific, defined preferences and behaviours. For instance, we can gather, separately, data about internet users who: have watched a specific type of product, made a purchase, abandoned a basket, used the "contact" tab or took an interest only in the "promotions" tab.

The possibilities of using and segmenting data collected on remarketing lists are many, especially that, for each group, we can direct a different advertising message, adapted to what actions had been undertaken on our website before. A good example, in this respect, is directing a discount voucher, being a form of thanks for interest in our offer, to those customers who have already made a purchase. It is worth knowing that, while preparing a remarketing campaign, you can use an improved free tool for creating graphic advertisements Google AdWords (Google Ads). With its help you can carry out simple but effective advertising banners, based on graphics from our website and the company's logo. However, if an independent running of a remarketing campaign seems too complicated, it is worth using professional services of a marketing agency.

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