What is website and online shops positioning?

Positioning is a group of activities whose aim is to increase the visibility of websites and online shops in search engines. A good position of a website in search results is an effect of systematic work which contributes to an increase in the number of visits by clients and to enhancing the sales

An improvement of visibility of your website, so that it occupies the highest position, over the sites of the competition, requires, amongst others, such activities as:

  • Analysis of the website for readability and utility for Google robots
  • Selection of keywords which generate traffic on the website
  • Optimization of the website for visibility in the Google search engine
  • Working over the website content (Content marketing)
  • Obtaining valuable links leading to the positioned website
  • Gathering and analysing statistics showing the effects of the changes made
  • Reacting to changes in algorithms and to the activities of the competition
  • pozycjonowanie stron internetowych

    What is positioning and where does the good position of a website or shop come from in the search engine?

    When an Internet user writes a key word in the window of the Google search engine, regarding the information, offers or products which interest him, he receives a list of websites. On the first page of the search results, the addresses of websites appear which, by the search engine, have been approved as the best corresponding to the word, phrase or inquiry. A website ranking is not however established hierarchically from the best one to the worst one because the actions defined as positioning cause higher positions of websites.

    Positioning of internet sites in limited results

    The site of search results contains the results marked as "Advertisement", on the first 3-4 positions, in the side column and on 3-4 positions at the bottom of the page. These website proposals are paid search results. It means that the owners of the advertised sites paid that the Google search engine shows their sites on a given position in response to a specific inquiry of the Internet users. Displaying sites and online shops as advertisements, on privileged positions, is related to a paid Google ads service. Subsequent positions on the site of search results, between the advertising blocks, are the so-called organic (natural) search results. There you can see websites which have reached a high position, amongst others, by means of positioning but without paying for the advertisement in the Google ads.

    It is worth knowing that the appearance of the website with the search results depends on what word, phrase or enquiry the user has typed in the window of the search engine. It regards especially the local search, containing a place name, the name of a province, region or country. If for example, an internaut types the phrase "flower shop Nowy Sącz", then just below the advertisement block but over the organic search results, business cards Google Moja Firma will be displayed containing names, addresses, phone numbers and recommendations of clients in the form of stars, reviews and photographs.This solution is a considerable facility for users, similar to the automatic recognition of the internet user's location by the search engine. On the other hand, it is a considerable hindrance for people dealing with website positioning because natural search results are less visible then.

    What influences the positioning of websites?

    It is the algorithm of the Google search engine which is responsible for the order of the results on the page and which organises the website addresses assessing their match to the inquiry formulated by the internet user. Detailed rules of the algorithm's operation are not known but, among many factors influencing the search results, first and foremost, elements related to the contents on the site and to its operation as well as the site popularity on the internet are mentioned. Thus, the positioning of an Internet site should take into consideration the optimization of such elements as:

  • ● Amount and quality of the contents on the website
  • Selection and frequency of key words in headings and texts
  • Update of the contents on the website and frequency of adding new unique texts
  • The presence of keywords in the URL address
  • The speed of website loading as well as optimisation of the HTML code of the site
  • Links - leading to other domains
  • Personalization and UX

  • Positioning a website is also activities related to increasing its popularity, amongst others, by obtaining, from other sites, valuable links (references) leading to our website. However, not only the number of links is essential but also the quality of internet sites which refer to the website we want to position. Here it is, first and foremost, the number of users visiting given websites which counts, as well as the presence and activity in social media on channels and the websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+. Running social media can, therefore, not only help build a society around a given brand but also help at SEO

    Technical issues which influence positively an effective website positioning

    The positioning of internet sites, very simply, is based upon:

  • The amount and quality of the contents on a website
  • Selection of keywords
  • Optimisation for keywords
  • Link building

  • In the case of e-commerce online stores, the main factor is the technical optimisation of the service. There is a story afloat that "Content is King" and by means of specific, well optimised contents, you can conquer the internet. Unfortunately, it is not that simple as it seems to be. Gaining links will not resolve all problems either and will not provide high positions in natural search results. It is worth remembering about the so-called Technical SEO.

    Real graphs of visibility increase thanks to the technical optimisation

    As a result of introducing the technical optimisation, as well as optimisation for contents, it was successful to elaborate an essential increase in the number of keywords in the search results.

    Moreover, by means of specially prepared link building as well as optimisation for the website accessibility for the user ( UX ) we have achieved a considerable increase in visibility, traffic. Apart from that, the sales have also increased – which was the most important for us, after all. All the activities implemented by us resulted positively in the website visibility and made it easy to Googlebot to move around the website. The undertaken actions resulted, therefore, considerably in increasing the visibility of the shop:

    Graph of visibility increases - August 2017
    wzrosty widoczności po wdrożeniu optymalizacji

    Graph of visibility increases - August 2018

    wzrosty widoczności z pozycjonowania strony WWW

    Graph of increases in traffic in an e-commerce store - 1 August - 13 December

    Ruch w sklepie e-commerce - Google Analytics
    Comparison of traffic in an e-commerce store

    Ruch w sklepie e-commerce - Google Analytics

    In another example an online shop has been presented, which we have been taking care of, since the beginning of it's activity.

    While positioning and optimising an e-commerce shop, we took care of, amongst others, a diversification of external links. We strengthened the internal linking and implemented appropriate technical corrections, as well as prepared a unique content.

    Thanks to the changes introduced, the website has gained considerable visibility and organic traffic. /br>

    Graph of visibility increases thanks to positioning - March 2017

    wzrosty widoczności marzec 2017
    Graph of visibility increases thanks to positioning - February 2019

    wzrosty widoczności luty 2019

    The above screenshots clearly show that the introduced optimization changes have clearly translated into increased store visibility.

    A summary of positioning actions

    If you want your website to become popular, first and foremost, you must take care of its readability for Google robots and avoid the so-called Duplicate content (duplication of contents, headings and descriptions). Moreover, make sure that the site optimally uses the internal and external linking. Apart from that, it is worth ensuring a hierarchical structure of the whole website. You must also take into account that, while developing your website according to the above-mentioned guidelines, you may, at a certain moment, need support of SEO specialists.

    An SEO agency has powerful tools to analyse the competition, links and not only. Without such software it is hard to choose a precise and fully effective positioning strategy.

    You can find more detailed information about the service of website and online shops positioning in the article Local positioning.