Management of rakuten

If you were asked about the biggest portals of e-commerce type in the world, surely most of you would instinctively think of Amazon and eBay. After all, sales on Amazon and sales on eBay are the two most popular methods of trade on the Internet for an average European person. However, there is one more company which already now is defined as the "Japanese Amazon" by the specialists

What we are talking about is the service of Rakuten.

Rakuten - focus on relationships with customers and innovation

Created in 1997, Rakuten company for a long time now, has been pushing itself very briskly on the worldwide market of Internet trade. It's not without a reason, after all, every year, Rakuten is placed on top of Forbes list regarding the most innovative corporations.

Rakuten's rulers' goal was to create an enormous internet marketplace where sellers wood have an opportunity to establish individual relationships with clients. It is that closeness to the customer and the focus on a lasting relationship on the seller-consumer line that have contributed to Rakuten's success in the world. Presently this service is most recognizable in Europe, in countries such as Germany, Austria or Spain. Sales for Germany by means of Rakuten is a perfect idea for businessmen who want to expand markets by our western neighbours.

The Advantage of Rakuten over competitive solutions is the before mentioned focus on building relationships with customers. In order to achieve it the service is strongly focused on personalization. The service of Rakuten is unusually simple and allows sellers not only to elaborate their own appearance of the shop within the service but also to add such additional things as a company blog to the trading activities. The service shares a whole palette of tools with the tradesmen, which allow an easy and, which is important, quick contact with the customers.

A chance to reach customers from all the world

Thus, if you are looking for a service which will make it possible for you to acquire foreign customers with whom you'll be able to keep long-term and fruitful business relationships, it's high time to use the possibilities offered by Rakuten service.

E-Prom company offers full support for your business during sales by means of Rakuten platform. Our Specialists for trade and marketing will lead your company step by step through the process of registration and stocking of the shop on Rakuten, and then they will scrupulously control any contacts with foreign customers and fluent course of all concluded transactions.