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Diversification of sales channels in the present-day times is the key to success in business. Because sales by means of stationary points and an online shop are simply insufficient in most industries. Thus, it is worth using every available possibility that creates an opportunity to reach a new client. Not all businessmen, however, have enough know-how in this respect or personnel who could undertake such a task. In this place we want to give a hand to those companies and offer our outsourcing services in terms of sales on eBay both in our country and on foreign markets. We offer a comprehensive service of eBay accounts, guidance in terms of sales techniques such as cross-selling, upselling or methods allowing for a sales automation

eBay sales service England and eBay sales service Germany

We give a special importance to the aspect of acquiring new customers. Because our national market is "too tight" for many businessmen and they are forced to seek recipients of their services or goods beyond the boundaries of Poland. International eBay service which is in our offer, gives you, therefore, a chance to reach customers from almost every corner of the world. We mainly focus however on European markets because it is there where the greatest commercial potential is.

German or English eBay are platforms by means of which you have the greatest chance to get a new client. For this reason our sales service on eBay is inseparably related to expansion on the German and English markets. Thanks to our country joining the European Union, completely new commercial possibilities have opened up for businessmen. Now, using the potential of the sales platform which is eBay, you will be able to appear with your offer on foreign markets in a very short time.

Full help and support in sales on eBay

From the formal and technical side we assure full support to our clients. We help in the process of the registration of the account, fulfillment of any legal formalities and we offer advice in case of any questions and doubts

Thanks to our experience in foreign trade we are able to help you with setting in motion sales from scratch. Our specialists will make sure the descriptions and photographs of products are adapted to the guidelines of eBay. With our help eBay stocking will be a quick process and will go without complications - because we will take care of each detail.

Experts from our company make sure the brand image is positive through professional service of foreign clients and full support in case of any problems. Only the shipment of the package with the goods bought by the client will be your task. Thanks to that you will gain another, valuable source of regular customers and the service of the whole process will not be very complicated.

The service of and that of have never been so easy.

Choosing the service of sales on eBay you have the guarantee of a certain increase in profits, a better promotion of products, broadening of the area of activity, a chance to acquire clients and to build a brand image abroad.

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