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Auction accounts management - Allegro

The dynamic development of the e-commerce industry and the evolution of customer habits mean that currently online sales only through your own online store is insufficient. To reach potential customers on the Internet with your offer, it is worth using the extraordinary potential of sales platforms and auction portals such as Allegro, eBay, Amazon or Rakuten.

Allegro is currently the largest online sales platform in Poland, which is constantly developing and introducing revolutionary changes on many levels at the same time. Allegro service

In order to adapt to the new rules for offers and make maximum use of any innovations that improve sales at Allegro, you should systematically update your knowledge of the Allegro Regulations. For sellers, this means that it is necessary to work continuously and not easy to change existing offers and learn how to use a new editor.

The service of Allegro and other auction accounts is a specialty of our agency. In order to meet the expectations of our Clients, we offer full management of Allegro, taking into account the latest changes introduced on this sales platform, concerning such issues as: issuing auctions on Allegro or loading Allegro. Our activities are comprehensive, as they concern both the audit of the Client's sales accounts and its direct competitors, as well as the editing and management of auctions.

Effective sales at Allegro!

The introduction of new rules for Allegro offers is aimed at making it easier for buyers to familiarise themselves with the object of purchase. Selling at Allegro is not easy, among other things, because at present, sellers have to adapt their auctions to mobile devices as a priority, so that a potential customer can see the same clear description on each device (on a smartphone or tablet). Unfortunately, many sellers do not keep up to date with the news and avoid reading the Allegro Rules and Regulations notifications, the schedule of changes for the offers, or the rules concerning photos, titles and descriptions of the item

It is true that the enormous changes that are now being implemented on Allegro are simply overwhelming for many sellers. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the professional sales service provided by an experienced promotion and marketing agency. Only systematic work on editing auctions and adapting to the requirements and regulations of this transaction platform guarantees the continuity of sales and gives a chance to achieve success through Allegro.

It is worth knowing that as much as 89% of consumers in Poland declare that when shopping online, they pay attention to simple and clear presented terms and conditions of purchase such as: cost and delivery date, return terms and complaint conditions. If you want your offers to meet all the strict criteria set for sellers by Allegro, our specialists will help you develop descriptions of items clearly separated from the offer conditions and will scrupulously supplement all mandatory parameters and information in individual sections.

Remember that Allegro carefully checks whether sellers do not violate the rules and good practices of online trading. So if you want your sales account to enjoy a good reputation and any warnings and blockades to avoid them, have our specialists adjust the auction to the latest changes that appear in the Allegro Regulations.

Selling on Allegro without secrets!

Our employees are specialists with many years of experience who can advise you on how to present the products graphically and in accordance with Allegro rules in an attractive way and how to describe them in a comprehensive and reliable manner. Sales at Allegro has no secrets from us! Allegro service Our team achieves successes, determined by measurable benefits for our Clients, in the field of auction positioning and use of all novelties, such as: tags, product series, advertising banners or creating promotional sets. Our sales service at Allegro is a guarantee of the highest quality, conscientiousness and increase of profits, as well as a chance to increase ratings from buyers and participate in Allegro's lucrative programmes such as: Super Seller, Bargain Zone or Coin Promotion.

Sales service and auctioning at Allegro

Deciding to cooperate with our company you receive a guarantee that your sales offer will gain in attractiveness and will enjoy increased interest from buyers. Professional templates for mobile auctions prepared by us will make it easier for you to operate your sales account, and the adjusted strategy and methods of promoting selected offers will optimise sales costs through Allegro. The high effectiveness of our actions is measurable, which means that at each stage of cooperation you can check the extent to which the sales service we provide to you meets your goals and intentions. As part of our sales service at Allegro, we also carry out advertising campaigns (Allegro Ads) and promote auctions outside the sales platform, e.g. in social media or advertising services. The auction account service we provide is compliant with all requirements of Allegro. This is necessary to avoid blockades. The auction account service conducted in accordance with the regulations of a given platform is displayed above, which results in higher sales. Auction listing and sales service is our everyday life, which has no secrets from us.

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