Local positioning

What is local positioning of internet sites?

Positioning ⭐ is a range of activities aiming at increasing the visibility of the websites in the internet search engines. The positioning actions comprise not only general search results, containing chosen keywords and phrases, but results narrowed to a local range as well.

The strategy of local positioning is appropriate and very effective 📈 in the case of companies whose activity profile has a regional character. Their positioning actions should be aimed at increasing the visibility of company websites in search results related to a given place, province, region or county

✅The basic factor of local positioning is defining the precise range - the area on which the company want to acquire clients and are able to serve them seamlessly. The presence in Internet local catalogues and a complete business card Google Moja Firma is the first step on the way to success.

Local positioning: geo location

Google search engine will automatically match search results to the user's location. It means that, thanks to defining the internaut's position (by means of GPS technology, thus very precisely) the search results are precisely adjusted to his needs and to the inquiry typed in the window of the search engine. Geolocation is advantageous not only for individual users but also for the owners of company websites who want to gain customers who are in a given location. If an internet user adds the name of a place, county, region or province to the keywords, then the list of search results will get narrowed to the positions from this area.

Is it worth getting positioned locally ?

Local positioning is very advantageous because targeting at results in a local dimension allows to gain customers from a given area: city, county or province. It regards not only stable inhabitants but also the so-called spontaneous customers, being in a given area occasionally, looking for specific goods and services. In order to reach such customers, you must properly configure the website and adverts, and also reliably and fully complete information on the Google Moja Firma account. This virtual business card, containing the contact data , the website address and a photo gallery where you can show your store and products, encourages customers to use our offer.

It is worth knowing that both Google Moja Firma account and a profile in Google+, allow leaving a review about the service, quality and product prices. Comments and notes made by internet users contribute directly to gaining other clients, therefore, it is worth ensuring that the reviews are positive and encourage using your company's services.

Local positioning: website optimization and SEO

Website optimization has the key importance in thelocal positioning👈. However, to be able to make an optimization an SEO auditis indispensable.It is essential that the key words and phrases together with the place name, the name of a county or province, appear in many elements of the company website. This intervention allows algorithms of Google to combine the website with the search results regarding a given area. While optimizing a website in this regard, you must establish a not too wide pool of key words and phrases related to the place names. It will protect the website against a lowering of the ranking because of an oversaturation of the site by keywords and against antispam filters.

It is worth knowing that local positioning is an action optimizing the cost of SEO services because key words and phrases related directly to a defined location are less competitive, that is you can position them faster and more cheaply📊.

Within the service of local positioning E-Prom agency suggests to clients how to build or optimise a website so that it is visible in the Google search results for chosen key words and phrases. We also offer the optimisation of company business cards and update of Google Moja Firma accounts because it is them which appear most often in the search results with a defined location.