Graphic banners

Graphic banners are a form of advertising that aims to attract the attention of a customer visiting a given website. A well-designed graphic banner guarantees that the recipient will be interested in the presented content. Creative graphics placed on the banner will make the customer feel curious and read the content placed on the graphic banner. In this respect, graphic banners significantly outclass classic text ads - they effectively attract the recipient's eyesight

Image banners as a way of advertising in Google Ads

The flagship example of the use of graphic banners are Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). However, when designing graphic banners for this type of marketing campaign, you need to be aware of many guidelines and limitations. Preparing graphic materials for the Internet is different from creating traditional forms of marketing such as, for example, designing posters. It is about matching the designed graphics to the requirements set by Google in terms of size and making sure that all graphic banners will fit within the given frame size of the graphic file (up to 150 KB) and acceptable file formats.

Graphic banners, or how to convince clients to buy

Therefore, it is best to commission a reliable marketing agency to design graphic banners. In the history of our company, we have already carried out many advertising campaigns with the use of graphic banners. Therefore, you can be sure that the prepared graphic creations will be of the highest quality and will effectively encourage customers to read their content

By choosing graphic banners in our company, you get a guarantee of a unique graphic design and an attractive price.