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What is Google Ads? (Google AdWords)

Google ads, formerly Google AdWords, is an online advertising program created by Google, based upon displaying sponsored links in the search results of the Google search engine and on cooperating websites within the Google AdSense program. Thanks to this form of Internet advertising your business can develop, reaching new clients. In the Google Ads system you can create sponsored links through a choice of keywords which, being typed by internet users in the search engine, will display an advertisement of your website. You can also promote your internet site, services and assortment choosing specific websites on which a Google Ads advertisement will be displayed. It is useful to know that the position of a Google Ads sponsored link in the results of advertising links is established on the basis of the result of the quality of this advertisement and of the maximum CPC stake, which is established by the advertiser, and defines the highest amount which he agreed to pay for clicking his advertisement.

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The main advantages of the Google Ads advertising program are: elasticity, lack of geographical and time barriers, access to a specific group of recipients, the possibility of examining consumers and testing different types of advertisements, control of costs and checking the results of the campaign. The basic characteristic of the Google Ads program (Google AdWords) is the payment only for results. The advertiser decides independently how much he wants to spend and pays only when an internet user interacts with his advertisement, for example clicks a text advert or watches a video advertisement. Use these assets, adding to them, the freedom to define the stake and a relatively low cost of the campaign, that specialists of our agency will take care of, supervising your advertising budget.

Google ads advertising campaigns

Google ads advertising campaigns - formerly Google AdWords make it possible to show the offer of your company to potential clients by means of: Google search engine, Gmail service, video advertisements on YouTube, advertisements of applications, Google Maps as well as millions of internet sites of the partner website of Google (Google AdSense). Thanks to these campaigns you will reach potential customers quickly and precisely because sponsored links will attract their attention , exactly when they are looking for information about an offer strictly related to your branch. What's more, an advertisement like remarketing will "spy" users who have visited your website or online shop, which facilitates reaching them, so that they consider again using your offer and services

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The purposes of the Google ads campaign can be different: an increase in traffic on the website, increase in the number of phone connections and email inquiries, installation of applications, newsletter subscribing, sale of a specific category of products or lowering of costs of other forms of advertising.

Who and in what way should run campaigns in Google ads?

Running an AdWords campaign (Google ads ) is not a simple thing because it requires specialist knowledge which can be acquired, amongst others, through systematic participation in Google ads courses, finished with appropriate certificates. If you want Ads campaigns to bring the expected effect, in the form of a high return from investments for advertising, a high level of knowledge must be paired with experience. Thus, running and managing Ads campaigns and regular monitoring of their results should be entrusted to experienced specialists from a professional marketing agency

Specialists from our agency will help your company to develop and increase profits using fully the great potential of the Google Ads advertising system. By Running Ads campaigns, we realize advertising purposes of our clients, using all available options such as: network of search, advertising network, product campaigns, mobile advertisements, video and Google Shopping. Within the range of Google Ads advertisements our agency offers a comprehensive elaboration of an advertising strategy, its implementation and current monitoring of the effects by means of specialist tools, facilitating the optimization of the campaign. The first step is an analysis of the position of your company as well as of the activities of the direct competition. Next, we establish the appropriate keywords, define an optimal budget and the range of the campaign as well as target groups. Another stage is preparing and launching the campaign in the Ads programme as well as its monitoring. Controlling the results and expenditure is documented in a form of cyclical reports from the activities carried out and the achieved effects. An important stage of our cooperation with customers is also a modification of the Ads campaign, in order to achieve even better effects, within the established budget. So that running an online store supported by advertisements, brings measurable financial advantages.