Flyer design

Projekt ulotki reklamowej

Advertising flyers are one of marketing forms which strongly polarises people from the branch. Some are great followers of them, while others totally ignore their effectiveness. As always the truth lies in the middle and flyers applied in the case of an appropriate industry can appear an extremely useful form of advertising.

The key to a leaflet bringing expected results, that is, persuades the client to use our offer, is a proper design of it. We begin this one with the activity which is designing logotypes. Only in the next step can we proceed to the design itself of the flyer. However, designing it is not a simple issue. You must have noticed yourselves many times that, seeing another leaflet similar to hundreds of others, you didn't even glance at its content and instinctively you threw it away.

Because without an interesting graphic layout and the right people responsible for the distribution of flyers, you cannot count on success

A leaflet is an effective way of customer acquisition.

As a company which has an experience of many years in the advertising branch, we know the market well and, designing flyers, we take into account any components affecting their effectiveness. Thus, for this reason, all our leaflets are designed for a specific target group of recipients. The graphic layout is assorted just for the tastes of potential customers, thanks to which you can be sure that the flyer will be received positively and the potential client will get acquainted with its content. The fact the flyers are small and you can put them practically anywhere, makes them a very good tool of direct marketing at almost any occasion.

Thus, trusting our experience in terms of the flyer design, selection of the paper quality as well as the way of distribution, you can be sure the leaflets will fulfill their function and become an effective way of acquiring a client.

In addition, while designing flyers we will suggest you how to use additional information, for example about different promotions or loyalty programmes, in order to, even more, strengthen the message which is on the leaflet.

Advertising flyers of the highest quality

Designing leaflets is, however, not everything. Much depends also on the sort of paper it will be printed on. Taking care of a positive reception of the presented advertising content, it is worth making sure that the leaflet is prepared on high-quality paper. This way it can give a clear signal to its customers they deal with a company which always focuses on professionality in their actions.