Designing posters

Posters are an art form that can be successfully used as a very effective advertising tool. If the poster performs its basic function well (influencing the imagination and emotions of the recipient), it can also contribute to the popularisation of the brand, product or event.
Designing posters, however, is a very difficult art. A perfect poster should be easily remembered by the recipient and should play with words, symbols or associations in a creative way. All this should be decorated with a minimalist layout, and the message itself on the poster should be concise, to the point and fully understandable to the recipient. If you are looking for this kind of poster, then you've come to the right address. Our company specialises in this type of graphic design.

Posters or applied art

Each poster designed by us has a dominant, i.e. the main element (it can be both graphics and text). It is that which is supposed to draw mainly the viewer's attention - similarly to the art form of advertising photography,where the focus is always on the product. Additionally, it should be mentioned that our posters always follow the rules of perception. The information on the poster will therefore be grouped according to the degree of its importance and properly arranged.