Designing online stores

Traditional sales channels have become obsolete for a long time now. In the era of digital globalisation, if you seriously want to be successful in business you must actively promote and sell your services and products on the internet. For this reason, it is so essential to have your own online store. It is also a magnificent way to develop and acquire a client in case of small companies and one-person businesses. Conducting sales by means of an online shop, we immediately ignore the costs related to room rental, personnel employment and utilities

Designing online stores - saving for the entrepreneur and a chance to reach clients.

In addition, an online store is a true convenience for the client He takes a decision about a purchase at any moment he chooses. He has a full possibility to pay by credit card or other payment means. Choosing an online store as the main way to acquire clients is a chance to reach clients whom you would not have an opportunity to reach by means of traditional sales methods. Many entrepreneurs who have an online store know about this already. Thus, in order for your shop to be effective against the competition it must stand out and be friendly for consumers. In this place we step in with our offer of online store designing.
Sklep internetowy - oszczędność dla przedsiębiorcy i szansa na dotarcie do klientów
indywidualne podejście do projektu kluczem do sukcesu
indywidualny projekt sklepu www
Designing online shops today is not only an interesting graphic design and encoding it into a chosen CMS system. Nowadays, creating a real online shop is the skill of using all available techniques and methods to make using the shop a pure pleasure for the client.

An individual approach to the store design is the key to success.

For this reason, for every ordered design we have a very individual approach. It is essential for us to know exactly the clients' expectations and help them in the execution of their business goals. It'll allow us to define precisely the range of works, give time to execute them and make out reliable and competitive pricing.

Creating online stores we take care of their utility not only for the buyer but also for people managing the sales. We integrate, therefore, different external systems both in terms of courier shipments, payment systems (PayPal, Przelewy24, PayU etc) and inventory and opinion aggregators.
Projekt i funkcjonalność sklepu internetowego dopasowana do twoich potrzeb

The design and functionality of the e-commerce stores is fitted to your needs

The service of designing Internet shops offered by us is also a possibility of a competitive price. In our offer you will find both simple online stores and very expanded ones, allowing a comprehensive sales management. Thanks to experience and many years of verified solutions we are able, during a few dozen of days, to prepare a responsive, fully ready to be used online store

Designing websites is, however, not everything you will find in our offer - we also provide the service of modernisation, as well as repair of already existing online stores. Our specialists, for whom programming is a passion, will analyse the store architecture and will take appropriate steps to increase its efficiency or add the expected functionality.