Content Marketing

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy of acquiring potential clients and advertising a brand or company by creating and publishing original and valuable contents. The title content is neatly prepared articles, infographics or podcasts directed to a defined group of recipients.

Content Marketing is based, first and foremost, on the contents published and spread on the internet not only in the form of articles but also in the form of handbooks, e-books to download, webinars conducted live or made available in the VOD system, video files as well as multimedia presentations. The multitude and variety of content forms is constantly increasing and surprises with its attractiveness.

The purpose of Content Marketing is to provide internet users with solid news and information on a given topic that interests them. Meeting the expectations of potential clients is a key to success of your company because creating and sharing valuable content meets their needs, being, at the same time, a modern form of publicity.
What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

content marketing activities

content marketing activities

Działania w ramach content marketingu

We start our services within content marketing, every time, with defining the Client's needs and adjusting the content forms to the industry in which he operates. Entrusting the preparation of desired contents to us, you receive a high quality content material, created in order to encourage the recipients to an interaction.

Delivering valuable contents to the users is the main purpose of the Google search engine, therefore, the publication of content useful from the point of view of the readers, is the best way to reach top positions in the search results.

It is worth knowing that building long-term relationships with clients by means of content marketing requires, amongst others, a skilled usage of the so-called virus potential of the materials shared on the internet. The best way of building and spreading the consumer consciousness about a given brand or company is inducing clients to an independent spreading of the company content. If the material prepared within the content marketing activities, interests recipients and is valuable for them, they will send it actively themselves to a wider group of Internet users by means of topic forums and popular social media, such as: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Content marketing: running a company blog

Running a company blog is one of the most effective activities in the field of content marketing. We advise our Clients how they should create contents and publish them on the company blog so that its content draws attention of potential clients. This form of spreading information about the company's activity profile and the detailed offer as well as building the position of a leader and expert in a given industry through a presentation of specialist contents, should be correlated with the SEO activities.

An optimization of the website and the company blog for internet search engines, taking into account usefulness for internet users, is an activity that supports the creation of effective content

Our task, as a promotion-marketing agency, is also conducting advertising campaigns based upon valuable content and the implementation of the strategy of the so called marketing with permission (inbound marketing). Based upon the marketing of contents, we undertake appropriate activities which allow the recipients to independently find reliable materials promoting the activity and offer of our Client.
Content marketing - prowadzenie bloga firmowego

A high quality of the content thanks to content marketing

Independently of what goal in the field of content marketing our Client wants to achieve, we attach the greatest importance to the creation of high quality contents. Entrusting the creation of the contents to us, you can be sure that you will receive a material that ideally correlates with the needs and expectations of the target group, both in terms of content and in aesthetic-visual respect.

We make sure that articles, infographics, multimedia presentations and other materials, are always of high quality. We cooperate with the best publishers on the web, selecting those publishing places on portals which stand out by a considerable, natural traffic of unique users, good marketing parameters and low costs.

If you want to reach potential clients through valuable content, order useful, unique contents in our agency which will help you to build positive relationships and strengthen consumer consciousness around your brand and company. Get to know the power of influence of the content marketing, which is an effective alternative for standard advertisements, and use it for promotion of your business
Content Marketing wysoka jakość treści

The offer of content marketing

Our services in terms of content marketing comprise, amongst others, the elaboration and implementation of a proper strategy, creating and publishing valuable content such as: Texts for websites, posts on the company blog , descriptions of products, specialist and backup articles, sales texts (persuasive), copywriting for SEO, email marketing like newsletter and many other content materials

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