Advertising photography

In the advertising communication photography plays an extremely important role. Well selected photographs are used for building the consciousness of a given brand ( branding) but they also can have a real impact upon the sale of a specific product. In most cases, people are visual learners and the image is able to speak to their imagination much more strongly than a best written text.

Exactly in this place our service of advertising photography steps onto the stage. Advertising photography is a way to convince customers to your products or services

Advertising photography - a way to appear in the social media

We direct our offer especially to small entrepreneurs who have a limited budget for advertising their companies. Currently, thanks to social media, it is possible to reach an enormous group of recipients with a graphic message, without the necessity of using expensive forms of visual advertising like press or television. It is enough to place professional photographs of products in websites such as Instagram or Pinterest, in order to enjoy their growing popularity.
Advertising photography is excellent both for promotion of products and different events. It is helpful where the visual aspect of a service or goods counts. Capturing the essential features of a product range on a photo is able to do more much more than even a few pages of a detailed description. For this reason, in some cases of more complicated products a good way out is to use the potential which 2D / 3D animation gives..

Advertising photography- packshots and photographs of interiors

In our offer therefore, you have a possibility of using product photos (photos of packshot type or ghost type to choose), photo sessions from various kinds of events as well as photographs of interiors (in the case of housing industry)
When preparing product sessions for you we act in a comprehensive way and take care of every detail of the visual presentation of the product. We know how important for the recipient's perception the colour of the photos has. Each colour is a different hidden content which influences the customer subconsciously. We use that when selecting the product background according to the specificity of the industry in which you operate. For example, blue tones bring associations with safety and professionalism to the clients while others such as pink are associated with joy and optimism. An appropriate selection of them can, therefore, considerably improve the effect they are supposed to have on the customers.