Additional marketing services

Dodatkowe usługi

Advertising on large screens
Advertising on large screens has many advantages. In the first place it gives the possibility of recognisability of the brand on a larger scale. Secondly it also increases the attractiveness of the products because it presents them in a unique way. Preserving appropriate colours shared by an advertisement on a large screen will draw the attention of a larger number of recipients. It is a very effective form of reaching a great number of clients. We offer the preparation of campaigns on large screens in any region of Poland for you, targeted at cities, provinces, or other, individually established configurations.
Advertising on long distance buses
On long distance buses, the form of advertising of the polygraphic branch is mainly used. They are one-time or periodical campaigns. Larger carriers with several or several dozen buses share newsletters, published periodically by small publishers or advertising agencies. In case of interest in this form of publicity, we can organize distribution on buses of chosen lines for you.
Advertising on city buses
People bored with the ride read willingly advertisements which are on the buses and they look up at the hanging screen displaying advertising spots. This is one of the main forms of information transfer on the city buses. Using this advertising medium, we mainly reach two social groups. The first group is young people, reaching schools and workplaces by this means of transport, the other group are old people, mainly retired. For some industries they are very desirable social groups
Advertising in the nationwide television
Watching TV is one of the most frequently chosen ways of spending free time. For this reason advertising on Polish television is considered as the most effective, characterised by the greatest range, form of advertising, emphasising the prestige of the presented products and giving them a greater credibility. For the company it is a possibility of acquiring thousands of customers, of increasing production and, of course, profits. This form of advertising is one of the best and, at the same time, the most expensive promotion campaigns. In this case we have a very wide range of possibilities; hundreds of television stations, keeping in mind varied criteria, among others: thematic, cultural, age et cetera.
Advertising in the regional television
Advertising on regional television is a less attractive method of advertising than the advertising on nationwide television, however, it is perfect if we want a given region to get interested in our offer. It is a very good way to increase demand for your products at considerably lower costs than it is in the case of nationwide advertising. In such advertising regional products gain a very big interest and under its influence become a business card of the region and they can attract customers from the nearest surroundings. Most often it is exchange offices, pubs, restaurants, local shopping arcades, as well as companies focusing on services in a given region, for example car workshops, that choose this option
Advertising in the press
Advertising in press is a form of advertising which builds credibility of the product presented in it. People reading the press delve into the content of advertisements, it is not like a quick blanket bypass. Your company can present a product in a wider form, describing its advantages extensively. As in the case of nationwide television, we have a wide choice, in this case regarding magazines of different topics. Choosing this form of publicity, it's worth remembering that the number of forms of advertising in the press is unlimited.
Advertising on the radio
Advertising on the radio can be very advantageous for the company. The biggest of the advantages is of course an increase in the number of potential customers. In this kind of publicity you can use the sound as well as words to originally present your company, products, brand. It is often drivers, old people who listen to the radio and who don't like watching TV so this type of advertising allows reaching new social groups, which in turn, gives the company a possibility of development in new regions. From our side we offer a comprehensive campaign with the possibility of choosing radio stations operating in the whole country and those smaller ones, focusing on given regions or cities
External advertising (banners)
External advertising's goal is to interest recipients and this is why our advert designs are created in a way whose goal is to attract attention and create a feeling of need in the recipient. Externeal advertising can be presented on special advertising media: billboards, on city lights, media placed on bus stops or newsagent's, advertising poles, electronic tables or large screens. This is one of the most traditional advertising forms that does not focus especially on a narrow group of advertisers, on the contrary, this form is used by 80 % of companies, promoting a brand, product or a new service.
Advertising on other external media
There are many other forms of advertising which are not very widespread due to costs, for example 3D advertising, hologram advertising, or the so-called "play of flights".

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